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Fibertron curing oven 24 Port ST/SMA/FC/LC/SC, 240VAC, 50Hz

Product no.: W-AUSHO24

Fibertron Oven for 24x ST/SMA/FC/LC/SC, adjustable thermostat controls the curing temperature over a range of 65°C to 125°C

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Fiber protection sleeve metal for 1,25mm ferrule

Product no.: X-FSH-1.25M
  • for 1.25mm ferrules (LC)


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Fiber protection sleeve for 1,25/2,5mm ferrules

Product no.: X-FSH-1.25-2.5

Fiber protection sleeve (plastic) for 1,25mm / 2,5mm ferrule, operating temperature max. 80°C


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Fiber protection sleeve metal for 2,5mm ferrule

Product no.: X-FSH-2.5M
  • for 2.5mm ferrules (ST, SC, FC etc.)


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Fiber protection metal sleeve for 2,5/3,17mm ferrule

Product no.: X-FSH-2.5-3.17
  • for ST, SC, FC or SMA


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