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New FIONEX Tool kit "FTTH"

Product no.: W-LWL-FTTH

In stock
Delivery weight: 3 kg

New FIONEX Tool kit "Micro ducts"

Product no.: W-LWL-MR

In stock
Delivery weight: 1.8 kg

New FIONEX Repair Tool Kit

Product no.: W-LWL-REPARATUR

In stock
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg

Advantech EKI-2525 5-Port 10/100Mbps unmanaged FE Switch

Product no.: AT-EKI-2525

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.65 kg

Advantech EKI-1751 Ethernet Extender 100Mbps VDSL2

Product no.: AT-EKI-1751

Not in stock
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

Fusion splicer FiberFox Mini 22A with Cleaver 50GB+

Product no.: FOX-MINI22A+50GB

In stock
Delivery weight: 5.49 kg

Yokogawa AQ1210 OTDR (wavelengths: 1310/1550nm (37/35dB) + 1625nm (35dB) mit Filter, Power Meter: Standard -70 bis +10dBm)

Fusion splicer FiberFox Mini 6S+ WiFi Premium Package

Product no.: FOX-MINI6SW+50GB

In stock

Media Converter 10G SFP+ to SFP+

Product no.: AS-MC10G2SFP+

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.54 kg

Fiber Endface Microscope AUTOGET with WiFi (Auto focus)

Product no.: DI-AG-WIFI

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.6 kg

Fusion splicer FiberFox Mini 5C+ Plus Package

Product no.: FOX-MINI5C+50GB

In stock

New Fiber Optic Box WM65XS1 up to 24 splices

Product no.: WM65XS1

Delivery weight: 0.9 kg

New Fiber Optic Box WM65S2 up to 48 splices

Product no.: WM65S2

Delivery weight: 1.4 kg

Tube cutter for stainless steel tubes 1-4.5mm

Product no.: W-RS-STEEL

Not in stock
Delivery weight: 0.26 kg

FIONEX® Fiber optic Cleaning Kit

Product no.: X-FC-CLEANKIT

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.74 kg

New Fiber Optic Box WM65M3 up to 96 splices

Product no.: WM65M3

Delivery weight: 3.3 kg

Advantech IMC-350-SFP-PS-A Mini Media Converter, 100Mbps, SFP

Product no.: AT-IMC-350-SFP-PS-A

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

Transceiver Configuration Stick (TCS)

Product no.: SL-TCS

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.14 kg

Armored Cable Slitter 4-28.6mm

Product no.: W-JT-AST200

In stock
Delivery weight: 0.35 kg

CLEANBLAST™ Cleaning Fluid for VIAVI

Product no.: X-ST-FCLP-SOL-1

Not in stock
Delivery weight: 0.58 kg

Tool kit for field assembly connectors

Product no.: W-LWL-MONTAGE-Q

In stock
Delivery weight: 1.2 kg

Technician's Tool Bag Backpack BP-100

Product no.: W-JT-BP-100

In stock
Delivery weight: 2.9 kg
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